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Last updated 10:13 AM on 3 April 2018



The School Photographer will be taking individual, class and sibling photographs on WEDNESDAY, 4th APRIL 2018.

Students must wear their correct school SUMMER uniform on this day with black shoes.

To ensure a smooth running day, please note that all photographs will be supplied on a pre-paid basis only. Payment envelopes must be returned on or before the day of the photos – Wednesday, 4th April - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Payment Options

Please complete all details on the personalised order envelope using one separate envelope for each child. If paying with money, NO change is available so you must enclose the correct amount.

Money orders should be made payable to The School Photographer with your name, address and phone number written on the back. Credit card payments are available by online ordering at and have a $1 processing fee and you include 6 digit receipt number on the envelope. Please note CHEQUES are no longer accepted due to a change in bank policy. NB You can not pay for photos on the school website.

You may pay for all family members in one envelope provided you clearly mark each individual order and indicate which envelope contains full payment. Eg on Rachel's envelope write payment in with Raymond Brown 5/6G.

Sibling Photos

Parents wanting to have their children photographed together, please collect a individual sibling envelope from the school office. Do not place sibling envelope in any of the children's envelopes. These and individual photo envelopes must be returned to the office before 8:50am on Wednesday, 4th April 2018 or to the Hall after 8:50am.

Returns or Late Orders

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the photos taken of your child, The School Photographer will provide a full refund. Just post the photos within 7 days to Unit 20, 14-16 Stanton Road SEVEN HILLS NSW 2147.

For any orders placed late an extra $15 fee will apply (includes postage). Contact or parents can call their office on 9674 9824 and they will take credit card payments over the phone with a processing fee of $5 for phone payments.

Staff Photo 8:50am-9am. The office will be closed during this time. Return envelopes directly to the photographers in the Hall.

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