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Last updated 11:38 AM on 22 March 2018

Please find the link below for the schedule of payments for your child's Stage . This year we will be invoicing these payments to your child's account, and a detailed invoice has been distributed.


The General Contribution allows the school to provide new and updated resources and equipment for our students to use throughout the year.


It is expected that all items will be paid for as each textbook/class material is supporting your child's learning. Excursions and incursions are costed at the lowest possible level to ensure equitable participation by ALL STUDENTS. All excursions/incursions relate to the learning topics covered in the curriculum.


Payments can be made as one payment or multiple payments throughout the year, However payment must be made by the due dates for all activities and excursions. These due dates will be clearly shown on the permission notes that will be sent home closer to the event. If payment is not received by the due date your child will miss out on participating. Payment does not act as parental permission. Parents must complete the permission note as well as making a payment.


This year we have made a change to the way the General Contribution is made up to better reflect payments for families. The table below explains the payment structure.


Family Structure


Single child


Two children


Three or more children



Please note we have tried to give a complete list of expenses, from time to time there may be added excursions and incursions not listed that come up throughout the year that require payment. Camps are not listed on schedule of payments.


Payments can be made online via the "Make a Payment" tab above or at the office by cash or cheque. If you have any questions please see Mrs Bryant in the office.

Statement of Account Kinder (pdf 651 KB)

Statement of Account Stage1 (pdf 177 KB)

Statement of Account Stage2 (pdf 172 KB)

Statement of Account Stage3 (pdf 173 KB)

Statement of Account 56A (pdf 174 KB)